Our Vision

Grow relationships and strengthen communities

Our Mission

Provide people with the tools to work through conflict, helping them grow relationships and strengthen their communities.

Conflict Management Training

This seminar style service brings a community of people together for the purpose of learning to manage their conflicts more effectively.

Conflict Coaching

This service is aimed at helping individuals gain, or improve, skills related to conflict management.

Conflict Mediation

The conflict mediation service is for groups, or individuals, that need an impartial outside party to assist in conducting the dialog aimed at resolving a specific conflict.

FAQ (General)

Why the name Beyond Resolution?
We want to help you go beyond resolving today's conflicts. We want to help you grow your relationships, while strengthening your community
What is conflict management?
Conflict management involves more than finding a resolution. Properly managing conflict requires that we recognize the conflicts around us, that we engage in appropriate and constructive confrontations and that we seek resolutions that will help grow relationships and strengthen our community.
What is the difference between conflict management training and conflict coaching?
While our goal is the same for these two services, our audience is usually quite different. Conflict management training is geared toward teaching the general skills needed to successfully manage conflict. Conflict coaching is focused on helping individuals gain skills in a specific area of conflict management.